A common question is that: how much is one mould texturing?

There are many factors deciding the price of mould texturing. In the procedure of texturing, various patterns will be used. Pattern's style is the decisive factor of price. Leather sense grain, or dotted pattern, or mechanical or functional patterns, different pattern styles have the different price. A simple pattern only requires once chemical corrosion, therefore the price is low. Dotted grain requires several times of chemical corrosion to reach the satisfactory effect, therefore the price is relatively higher. New leather grain requires using multiple layers of pattern negative to get a special texturing. For this multi-layered compound pattern, every negative shall be lapped over the previous one. This is rather time and energy consuming. This skill copies the real solid leather sense, and has its special price factor.


Size of processing part is also one price factor. When several pieces of transfer printing films are used, it is not necessarily to transfer print the pattern on mould exactly to the right degree, so as to achieve the effect of whole seamless pattern. In multi-layered solid leather texturing, these procedures must be repeated to get the expected effect. From start to completion, these procedures are also the price factors.

Another factor we shall consider is the structure of mould. The difficult places, such as the rather slim side wall, the projecting part, or tungued-and-grooved face, also require the concordant grains. Time consumed in this hard processing area is also one price factor.

The processing period of mould with simple or dotted grains is generally 5-6 days. The new type of multi-layered grain requires 10-15 days. The delivery time of one mould usually varies with the requirement of customer or project. To speed up the time for mould setting, it is usually required to shorten the time of texturing. This factor will increase the labor force of project. And this is the extra cost caused by mould supplier.

The value of aesthetics of texturing used in automobile is immeasurable. We understand that customers want a practical price. With this understanding, our specialists, using their innovation and initiative, have made our company a pioneer of this industry.

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