Our quality assurance starts immediately when your mould comes to our company. The mould will undergo several primary examinations to make sure of the good clamping and parting line.

We will use Check List of Customer's Mould, which contains all the required material, and is helpful for the correct completion of mould production. This material will be input to our database system, so that we can trace the progress of mould production, and customers can get the accurate information. With this check list, we can guarantee the quality of product, which is very important during mould production.

If the mould is a part of the whole project of automobile industry, the material will be submitted to project manager. Every project has a project manager, who is responsible for the coordination of all moulds in project and the whole system of our company. A mould may come into our processing system at any time. Then project manager will ensure that every mould reaches the requirement of texturing. Once the project manager finds any welding repair, the mould will be immediately sent to our repair department. In the final check, our QA department and leader of processing team will check all the problems related to mould production and shaping. Only when all parties are satisfied is the mould allowed to leave factory.

It is our aim to ensure the correct completion of customer's workpiece.
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